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About Santoni

Santoni Srl was established in 1985 and over the years we've become famous for our accessories, even if we don't put our name on them. Almost all the top Italian designer brands (and many non-Italian ones) have used our accessories on their footwear, clothing or leather goods.

Our ability ranges from high-end sandal accessories to buckles for belts and shoes. We make decorative and functional accessories for clothing, footwear and the leather goods sectors. By working closely with your design team and offering our technical expertise, we make your accessories easier to construct, of higher quality and simpler to apply. 

In 2005, we started producing a line of jewellery and bridal accessories: broaches, necklaces, bracelets and rings: all made with the highest quality components, the creative skill – as well as the technical expertise – of our craftsmen and women.  Everything we make is handmade. We have only very light machinery and computer numerical controlled machinery: there are still some things that only skilled hands can produce.
We choose top-of-the-range Swarovski® crystals and can apply coloured paints or varnish onto items. Our electro-plating supplier is one of the best in Italy and, like us, works with the most famous Italian designer brands.

Clients choose Santoni Srl for three main reasons: firstly, we only make bespoke items and our technical expertise can easily become an extension to your in-house design team. Secondly, we only work with the very best suppliers and the very highest quality materials. And thirdly, only our technical know-how and capability can meet your requirements and exceed your expectations, time after time after time.  

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Bespoke solutions for any technical-stylistic need

Via Guido Rossa, 4
63833 Montegiorgio (FM)  - ITALY
(+39) 0734 963958