Our Services

We cater to each and every customer with the highest standard of quality

Santoni offers a wide range of services that converge towards the realization of a single mission: to exceed the expectations of each of our clients.

ur team of experts works with care and dedication to deliver solutions that respond to the specific customer’s needs. From the first meeting to the final delivery, we are committed to a transparent and reliable collaboration.


Technical advice

The know-how acquired along a thirty years experience allows us to assist each client throughout every stage of product development, from the prototype to the production, offering, right from the first contact a specific advice and assistance of a skilled reference point.

Our team of experts will be ready to listen to your needs, understand your vision and provide you with the most innovative solutions and appropriate to your context.

We are ready to put all our knowledge and savoir-faire at your disposal to offer you specific and targeted advice from the earliest stages of the project


Rapid prototyping

Knowing the importance of prototyping fast, accurate and reliable, we are proud to offer an express service which guarantees the delivery of the first prototype within 72 hours from the proposal of the customer.

We are aware that for our customers it is crucial to get a prototype as quickly as possible, so that you can examine, test, and validate. Thanks to our experience and attention to detail during our production process, we are able to significantly accelerate the delivery times without compromising on quality.

For a long time, we dedicate ourselves with passion to help our customers turn their ideas into concrete products, thereby consolidating our experience in the industry.

Innovative solutions

Siamo imprenditori, artigiani, designer ma prima di tutto siamo innovatori. Con l’amore per l’evoluzione codificato nel DNA aziendale, progettiamo e realizziamo continuamente nuovi accessori sperimentando le più recenti tecnologie di settore.

Our passion for technology drives us to go beyond the conventional boundaries, constantly seeking new solutions and creative approaches to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Continuiamo ad investire risorse e talento per creare soluzioni innovative, progettate e realizzate con passione e dedizione. Siamo pronti a sperimentare, a sfidare l’ordinario e a creare accessori che ridefiniscono il concetto di funzionalità ed estetica.

3D scanning

Research and development

Commitment in research, strategic investments in the development and collaborations with the University of the territory allow us to pursue every day, the continuous improvement of our technology and our processes. 

Our research partners:


Design and creativity

The team Santoni includes a the office style and development that carries out research, study and analysis of the trends of fashion with the goal to offer each client a collection of original and innovative compatible with the character of the individual brand.

      — Choose Santoni means having the certainty of a service of superior quality, backed by years of experience and a team of passionate professionals.

Outstanding craftsmanship for haute couture