The circular economy for a better environment

The story of Santoni began in 1975, and certainly at the time, sustainability was a central concept. On the other hand, however, from the first day of the company's philosophy has always been based on a precise value: that of continuous improvement.
The main mission of our team is this: today do better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today, and so on.
And, in terms of sustainability, it is precisely this tendency to the continuous evolution that has allowed us to implement solutions to reduce our environmental impact.

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For us, sustainability is first of all a human value

Everything that we do to the environment, natural resources, the market and the company changes the shape of the world that we will return to the new generations, and we want to leave them a better place than what has been entrusted to us.
To achieve this, we must be conscious and responsible: we must calculate our actions and their cost, not only in economic terms but also in an environmental and human sense.

Solutions to reduce the environmental impact

When we started to look for solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our production, we realized that the only way to combine profits and sustainability was to change the paradigms of the industry by launching a cultural revolution within the company, a process that has invested every person of our team.

This involvement has meant that the rush to sustainability was not from above, but is one of the authentic living in the first person, a challenge to grow both individually and as a group.

      — Together we find solutions that maximize production efficiency and minimize the environmental impact of our production, by making important investments with the awareness that many advantages will be collected only in the long term.


kg of waste to be recycled
In the Meantime, we are aware of the environmental impact generated by our activities, with an average annual production of 9000 kg of waste. However, we have taken the initiative to turn this challenge into an opportunity. Thus was born our innovative project of re-use, which has allowed us to create an exclusive line of unique products. These materials otherwise destined for rejection, and found new life through our project of creative recycling. This initiative allows us to recover a portion of the metal waste production, to create unique products that fuse sustainability, Italian style, creativity and craftsmanship. Each product demonstrates our commitment to reducing the environmental impact and to promote responsible production.
solar panels


tons of C02 saved per year

In 2022, it developed a new photovoltaic system that has allowed us to increase the percentage of energy produced to reach about 40% of the total requirement of the company, with a CO2 saving of around 100 tonnes per year. The result was certainly important, but the desire to further improve our performance has already led to the commissioning of a further expansion of the photovoltaic system to get to cover 50% of the energy needs of the company with energy produced from a renewable source.

electric vehicles


kg di CO2 risparmiati all'anno
The commitment that we have made in terms of energy sustainability has made us reflect on other types of consumption business. Thus was born the decision to replace the company vehicles arrived at the end of the useful life with cars, full-electric, which are recharged through the intercom installed in the home and connected to the pv system. One of our new goals is to get in the next few years to have a company fleet of fully powered by electric motors. In the meantime, this decision, in 2021, to date, has led to savings estimated average of about 6,000 kg of CO2 per year.


To sustainable energy, we have added the water. There we are, in fact, equipped with machinery and equipment that allow the reuse of water in the production cycle. We have implemented systems that allow you to reduce the volumes of wastewater and activated a system to collect rain water for industrial use.
Litres of water saved per year


In 2022, we have adhered to the project of environmental protection “Give a tree”, which has allowed us to fund the planting and care of trees on the Italian territory. Thanks to this project, the company has the opportunity to cultivate a small forest in continuous expansion, a commitment to long-term environmental we are very proud of.
kg of Co2 absorbed per year from each tree
material imaballaggio


We are also intervened on packing materials by replacing the plastic with recycled paper and the introduction of degradable bags for packaging. The materials are still not easily replaceable, such as bags, protective FOAM, and the “bubble wrap”, we have implemented a system of reuse of the same by means of cooperation with our customers.

Where there is sustainability, there is evolution, where there is evolution cannot afford to miss

In the Meantime, we decided to invest in energy efficiency, resource recovery, in respect of the environment and in the centrality of the human being at the expense of the immediate profit, because we have the belief that the future should be built and that the environment is not an abstract concept but the bigger house that we have.

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